Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smart Bro Speed Boost Up

Posted by Louie at 12:05 AM

There are times that I feel that 386kbps is a little slow for my Smart Bro connection. After 2 weeks of no internet connection at home, finally, Smart Bro is back and is now 512kbps! That’s 126kbps faster than the default 386kbps for your Php999.00 monthly plan.

See that? It may be 509kbps only on the Speedtest.net result but it’s only 3kbps short from reaching 512kbps!
How did my Smart BRO connection reached 512kbps?

Definitely the placement of the antenna being accessible through different Smart Cell Sites. (luckily mine is near 8 cell sites within the range of 0.4km to 2.6km far from my home. But that’s only one factor. It lies beneath the configuration of the canopy. The team yesterday that fixed my connection were so good that they set my connection from the default 386kbps up to 512kbps. (I knew that giving them coffee and sandwiches will make them nicer. LOL) Well of course, how is that possible and you did come here to see how they did it right? Good thing they did not delete the history of my browser and that made me able to access the canopy

How to access the Canopy?

1. Through typing on your browser. What I’m not sure though is if it’s the same for all the Smart BRO connections in the whole Philippines.

2. Go to the Configuration > Quality of Service (QoS) page.

3. Adjust the numbers to what you see on the image above.

4. Reboot / Restart your PC.

That hopefully boosted your Smart BRO internet connection.

Now, what’s the catch?

Of course, there should be at least something about it. The problem is, you should not touch anything else or you might ruin the configuration of your Smart BRO internet connection. So if you want to be sure, don’t touch your Canopy configuration at all. Leave it to the experts. Kids! Do not try this at home! But if you really want to boost your internet connection try this. Just don’t touch anything else.

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