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Final Fantasy

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Cloud Strife
Age:23 Blood Type:AB Birthday:8/11

A mercenary once hired by anti-Shinra group "Avalanche." Cloud
became entangled with much greater battle for the life of the planet
itself. He fought for the world, and at the end of a bitter struggle
saved the planet. Final Fantasy Advent Children
While various versions of his past intertwined in his memories, Cloud
managed to regain and understanding of who truly he is during his
journey in FFVII. Despite this, he now forsakes human contact and
prefers living alone.

Vincent Valentine
Age:27 Blood Type:A Birthday: 10/13

A gunman and former Turk. In the past his body was augmented by
Shinra and he gained power to transform into an ageless monster,
a burden he must carry in life. Since that time, Vincent has
wandered the world alone, gathering information, and seems to know
a little about the events they all face.

Yuffie Kisaragi
Age:18 Blood Type:A Birthday:11/20

A ninja girl born and raised in Wutai who wields a four-point shuriken.
Yuffie is obsessed with materia and always makes it her top priority.
She still has a bit of problem with motion sickness.

Age:Teens Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

Leader of the three brothers that are after Cloud. Prone to the purest of
madness, calm yet savage, childish yet wise, Kadaj's mindset rocks from one
extreme to the other. He primarily uses a double-edged sword known as
"Souba"(Twin Blade).

Barret Wallace
Age:37 Blood Type:O Birthday:12/15

Leader of the anti-Shinra group "Avalanche"two years ago. Barett fought
with a gun-arm, a mechanical replacement for the right arm he lost in
the past. His adopted daughter Marlene is what keeps him going, but
for now he's entrusted her to Tifa while he searches for a new power
source to replace mako energy.

Tifa Lockheart
Age:22 Blood Type:B birthday:5/3

Cloud's childhood friend, and the only person who truly remembers his
past. A master of martial arts, Tifa was also a key player in Avalanche
operations two years ago. Currently she works at Seventh Heaven while
caring for Marlene and Midgar's orphans.

Cid Highwind
Age:34 Blood Type:B Birthday:2/22

A man who once journeyed with Cloud and the others, and whose greatest
love is the open skies. Cid is renowned airship pilot. With trusty
longspear in hand, he engages the monsters that have beset the city.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

A member of the Turks with a style all his own. In FFVII, Reno stood
against Cloud and the others, but his face no longer shows any sign
of such hostility.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

A legendary swordsman of SOLDIER (Shinra's elite guard) who was once
revered as a hero. However, when Sephiroth learned he owed his existence to
Shinra experimentation, he developed a fierce hatred for the human race.
That the hatred soon became genuine threat to the planet itself. And
though Sephiroth lost that great battle, even now his shadow lingers
in Cloud's path.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

Cloud's best friend from his years as a Shinra grunt.Even among Shinra's
valued troops, Zack was of the best: SOLDIER Firs Class. His future
seemed bright...

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