Monday, August 17, 2009

Wowowee Scandal: Willie Revillame

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The new scandal of Wowowee host Willie Revillame are his remarks over the live coverage insert of Cory Aquino's funeral rites during his show.

Even as he seemed to talk politely to the traffic controllers of ABS-CBN, one could still see that Willie Revillame was seething over the fact that video inserts of the Cory Aquino funeral was being shown on his show.

He said that he felt uneasy going on with the show's fun and games while President Aquino's funeral procession was being show on the screen together with his show. If that were the case, Willie Revillame could have just requested OFF AIR that the video insert showing Aquino's funeral be removed. Instead he threw a tantrum, without the usual expletives he mutters off air, and rather petulantly demanded that the video inserts be taken out.

Now, ABS-CBN insiders have been pointing out that Willie Revillame's tantrum was an over reaction with political dimensions.

Recently, Willie Revillame had Senator Manny Villar as a guest on his show and in that episode the Presidential candidate gave away six houses and lots. This was apparently a part of a deal to recruit Willie Revillame as Villar's endorser in the coming 2010 elections. It isn't clear yet if Revillame had said yes, but viewing his reaction to the Cory Aquino coverage seems to hint at who he is supporting for 2010.

Cory Aquino's son Senator Noynoy Aquino is said to be running for Vice President in 2010 with Senator Mar Roxas as President -- who some say is Senator Manny Villar's rival for the Presidential post.

In this context, Willie Revillame's outburst on his show over Cory Aquino's funeral may be his way of edging out air time for Villar's rival in the Presidential race -- Roxas and Noynoy.

In anycase the incident on noon time Philippine TV has sparked global outrage according to Alan Faa, a commenter on Pinoy Buzz.

A petition to oust Wowowee's Willie Revillame is spreading like wildfire on the internet. As of this writing, the number of the people who have signed the petition has surpassed 1,400.

(As of 1041PM August 6, 2009, total signatures have reached 5,895.)

If you believe that ABS-CBN should take action and chastise Willie Revillame for his crude, crass, and embarassing behaviour on air... Sign the Oust Willie petition!

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