Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Human Dog

Posted by Louie at 12:27 AM
human dog hybrid - This image of a strange half human and half dog or human dog hybrid has been forwarded around the internet via e-mail and since I’m fond of watching animes… the first thing it crossed my mind is a chimera. In the anime Full Metal Alchemist, chimera is a half human and half animal, while in Greek mythology, the chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing creature, composed of the parts of multiple animals.

human dog hybrid image above are not the real thing. It’s a sculpture by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini entitled “The Young Family,” which, in turn, is part of a larger installation called “We Are Family,” described by Jane Silversmith of the Australian Council for the Arts as an exploration of “the changing relationship between what is considered natural and what is considered artificial.”

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