Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oz World Philippines

Posted by Louie at 3:24 AM

3d chatting game oz world Philippines is a nice game for chatting, you have visuals on your avatar and you can dress it up or what we call 'japorms'in Philippines. One of the game that i have been playing back in the old days but sadly the local site who host the game level up is not hosting the game anymore. I did take some time installing the game again and i was shock with the number of online people playing, only 5 people are in a day most of them are afk(away from keyboard).
Before the game is a hit! there are contest, EB's and wedding you can even find a girlfriend and friends for real if you decided to meet up. I even became a officer of a clan named M.I.S. midnight insomnia society it is a popular clan before because almost all of the members are afraid to log out because they might miss an even or maybe the girl of their dreams lolz!So i have decided to find a new site that host the game cause i know there is still many pinoy's who wants to go back to the game and of course internet ill never run out of options until i found this site an international oz world site with lots of pinoy's also playing hope you visit the site and log in soon ^^

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