Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pedala Bike Messengers

Posted by Louie at 12:18 AM
I stumbled across this post recently and I think it helps prove its title – that Manila isn’t as ugly as we probably think it is. Thanks to the emergence of bike messengers (see the poster on the right), is now a little bit greener. Yes, the air is still filled with smoke, but at least one business isn’t adding to the pollution.

How does it compare to another courier service in town? Let’s break it down:

Based on the price listed at the bottom, Pedala is more cost-efficient – at least for deliveries within the metropolis. How about out-of-town deliveries? Come on – you don’t really expect somebody to deliver a package out of town on only pedal power, do you?

How about speed? There’s no way a bike beats motorized vehicles, right? you can check them at this site, you get the same deliver. I don’t think any other courier service around these parts boasts of that speed.

Right now I wish I had a package that needs to be delivered, but I don’t. I’m sure I will soon – maybe I can try these guys out. How about you, need anything delivered?

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