Manny' Shoes

I love to have this shoe whoa! its a limited edition pacman shoe /swt

Disney's UP

A young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a Lost Land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her.

Oz World

3d chatting game oz world Philippines is a nice game for chatting, you have visuals on your avatar and you can dress it up or what we call 'japorms'in Philippines. One of the game that i have been playing back in the old days but sadly the local site who host the game level up is not hosting the game anymore.

Blood for Shabu

Shabu trade for money and even organs are rampant nowadays, goods are not normally delivered. Except for one: shabu.

Acer Predator

The Aspire® G7710 Predator is designed to meet the extreme demands of required by competitive gaming enthusiasts.

Online Services

Online government services are rampant nowadays, for you not to spend almost all day for you application just to get that card or benefits? I found a great alternative by doing it online with your pajamas! We know Internet will never run out of options and life now is fast pace

Bike Messengers

Based on the price listed at the bottom, Pedala is more cost-efficient – at least for deliveries within the metropolis. How about out-of-town deliveries? Come on – you don’t really expect somebody to deliver a package out of town on only pedal power, do you?

Bob Marley Legacy

Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love -- inspired by his belief in Rastafari -- was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe.

Keywords Work

Keywords used in the visible text of a blog post are considered as among the big factors that determine how a site will rank in the SERP. Using keywords effectively can therefore increase a site’s chances of “getting noticed” by the search engines. Here are ways on how to make keywords work for a web page:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dell Vostro All-in-One

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On July 16, 2009, Dell announced its first All In One desktop computer designed exclusively for small businesses. The Vostro™ All In One helps small businesses say goodbye to cramped spaces and overcrowded desks. It is available starting today in Asia Pacific and Japan (customers in North America and Europe, Middle East and Africa will be able to order the product starting August 11 and August 23, respectively). For additional information on the product's specifications, Dell commentary, and global “Reclaim Your Desk” survey results and contest rules, see the Related Article and Links in the right navigation of this page.

Designed to minimize the amount of space a desktop computer occupies, the Vostro All In One provides small business buyers with a powerful, stylish and affordable desktop computer. What’s more, the computer’s full desktop processing power is backed with Dell’s worry-free small business support.

* Dell global survey finds 4 of 5 small business owners see technology as a means to help clean up employees’ desktops & improve productivity¹
* Space-saving Vostro All In One reclaims up to 79 percent of desk space, transforms desktop computing with sleek, clutter-free design
* New Dell Vostro All In One features full desktop processing power, latest productivity and security features with customer service and support options

Cramped spaces and overcrowded desks are a headache for business owners. That is the conclusion from a Dell online poll of small businesses in China, India, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States about their desk space challenges. In response, Dell today announced the Vostro All In One, Dell’s first all-in-one desktop computer designed exclusively for small businesses.

“Small businesses around the world are constantly looking to do more with less, and IDC predicts that by 2013 small form factor, all-in-one and ultra-small form factor desktops will make up nearly 38 percent of the overall desktop market,¹” said Richard Shim, research manager for IDC's Personal Computing program. “Solutions that help organizations migrate to space-saving desktops are well positioned to benefit from this trend.”

The Vostro All In One’s clutter-free design minimizes the amount of space the computer takes up on the desk to provide business buyers with a powerful, stylish and affordable desktop computer. What’s more, the computer’s full desktop processing power is backed with Dell’s worry-free small business support.

The system is easy to set up, going from box to business in less than four minutes, and, when using the optional VESA mount, saves customers as much as 79 percent of their desk space versus a traditional desktop and monitor set-up. When combined with optional integrated Wi-Fi® and a wireless mouse and keyboard, the result is a wire-free desk. The new Vostro also offers Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and an integrated webcam that enables businesses to enjoy remote collaboration.

“Small businesses are waking up to the fact that saving space is a critical requirement for their desktops and the Vostro All In One is the first-of-its-kind solution for small businesses wanting a cleaner, more productive workspace at an amazing value,” said Sam Burd, global vice president, Dell Small and Medium Business. “This is a perfect example of how Dell is expanding the Vostro line to bring customers innovative design and productivity based on their unique needs and business environments.” visit site

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Make Your Keywords Work

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Keywords used in the visible text of a blog post are considered as among the big factors that determine how a site will rank in the SERP. Using keywords effectively can therefore increase a site’s chances of “getting noticed” by the search engines. Here are ways on how to make keywords work for a web page:

Use descriptive keywords with lesser competition. Many people advice the use of keyword research tools when writing articles but top ranking keywords may not always be the best as there can be tons of people using the same keywords. Using single word keywords can prove to be very competitive so the use of keyword phrase will be a good option. Another way to do this is to “localize” your keyword (e.g. Davao Jobs instead of Jobs). This post provides tips on how to best localize a keyword. Remember to use related keywords and synonyms.

Do not break your keyword phrase. Keyword proximity refers to the closeness of your keywords in your page or article. The closer the keywords in your article are, the better. This is best applied when using keyword phrases. It is best not to put stop words such as “in” and “at” between important keywords in your article. Example:

Eden is one of the best Davao tourist spots

is better than

Eden is one of the best tourist spots
in Davao

Another good example of using keyword proximity is here. Proper use of forward and reverse proximity must also be observed (eg: optimizing website vs website optimization) because they may have different ranking results.

Place your important keywords in the beginning and end of your article.This is otherwise referred to as observing keyword prominence. Important keywords, particularly the keyword that you want to rank on should ideally be placed in the beginning of the first paragraph. Using the primary keyword in the last paragraph is also advised.

Emphasize your keywords.proffesional bloggers says that bold texts have more weight than regular texts. Italized words words are also given more emphasis than regular words in your article so use bold or italic texts in your target keyword. Remember not to abuse the use of these specialized texts though, highlighting a keyword once or twice is enough.

Avoid over stuffing your article with keywords. I have noticed that I have been using too much keywords lately particularly in my sites that display google ads. Nevertheless some SEO experts already say that keyword density is useless as this is not related to keywords’ proximity and prominence. On the other hand, some SEO people also say that overstuffing articles with keywords will have undesirable results. Search engines reportedly penalize the use of excessive keywords and see this as a form of “keyword spamming”. So what is the ideal keyword density? Garry Conn says 3% to 6% for keyword density is ideal. This tool can be used to check a page’s keyword density. Nevertheless, I want to take heed of this advice from If too many keywords make your article sound silly, then take them out. You should after all, write for humans and not for search engine robots.

Use alt tags. Search engines “read” texts so make your images “readable” by using the alt tags. Alt tags are used to describe an image and serve as a text keyword. The general format for the alt tag is keyword phrase. According to, the search engines do not penalize overstuffing alt tags with keywords. Nevertheless, better be careful than sorry so be cautious when using alt tags in your image.

Optimize keywords one at a time. Do not optimize a number of keywords in one article or page. Concentrate on one keyword one at a time. You can use related keywords in your post but make sure that you focus on one keyword that you will use in your title tag, emphasize and place in the beginning of the article.

No black hat please. Be careful not to use “hidden texts” by avoiding text colors which are of the same or near the color of your background. Many consider this as a popular form of black hat SEO which can result in your site being penalized by the search engines.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ten Tips for writing a blog post

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Here are ten tips that help me with my blog writing.

1. Make your opinion known
2. Link like crazy
3. Write less
4. 250 Words is enough
5. Make Headlines snappy
6. Write with passion
7. Include Bullet point lists
8. Edit your post
9. Make your posts easy to scan
10. Be consistent with your style

Make your opinion known
People like blogs, they like blogs because they are written by people and not corporations. People want to know what people think, crazy as it sounds they want to know what you think. Tell them exactly what you think using the least amount of words possible.

Link like crazy.
Support your post with links to other web pages that are contextual to your post.

Write Less
Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Time is finite and people are infinitely busy. Blast your knowledge into the reader at the speed of sound.

250 is enough
A long post is easier to forget and harder to get into. A short post is the opposite.

Make Headlines snappy
Contain your whole argument in your headline. Check out National newspapers to see how they do it.

Include bullet point lists
We all love lists, it structures the info in an easily digestible format.

Make your posts easy to scan
Every few paragraphs insert a sub heading. Make sentences and headlines short and to the point.

Be consistent with your style
People like to know what to expect, once you have settled on a style for your audience stick to it.

Litter the post with Keywords.
Think about what keywords people would use to search for your post and include them in the body text and headers. make sure the keyword placement is natural and does not seem out of place.

Edit your post
Good writing is in the editing. Before you hit the submit button, re-read your post and cut out the stuff that you don’t need.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for writing a blog post - feel free to share your own blog writing tips below.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

If Britney Spears a President

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President Britney Spear lolz! I found this site while searching the web and i found it funny to share in my blog too It;s about britney becoming a president hehe...

Britney Spears put on a black bikini, and wore a hibiscus flower behind her ear as she counted down the Top Ten List Tuesday night on "Late Night with David Letterman."

The pop princess, who has not appeared on Letterman since her surprise visit in 2006, counted down the top ten ways the country would be different if she were the president.

10. I'd be the first president to wear eyeshadow since Nixon.

9. We would only invade fun places, like Cabo.

8. Free pie for everybody.

7. My situation room would be a cabana at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

6. I'd lure Osama out of hiding with the irresistible scent of my new fragrance Circus Fantasy.

5. Every presidential news conference would feature costume changes.

4. America might have a more coherent fiscal strategy.

3. Challenge U.S. to put nightclub on the moon by the end of the decade.

2. Three words: Vice President Diddy.

1. Finally the media would pay some attention to me.

Spears is currently traveling on her Circus tour and her next stop is the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario on August 20. watch the video

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Cory Aquino Tribute

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Cory Aquino Died August 1 2009 at 3:18 pm in the morning

that's 08-01-2009 3:18 Remove the zeros and put the numbers

together. Results to 8129318 rearrange the numbers to 8/21/1983

that's August 21 1983 the day Ninoy Aquino died! weird huh!

Thanks Patola for helping find the yellow ribbon video ^^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nokia E63: E71's cheaper brother

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It looks like the Nokia E71 business phone is a huge hit that Nokia is looking into making a cheaper version for mass market under the label Nokia E63.

■HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
■2.36 inches screen (320×240 pixels)
■110 MB internal memory
■128 MB SDRAM Memory
■~2MP camera
■ARM 11 369 MHz processor
■WiFi 802.11 b/g
■Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP
■Full QWERTY keyboard
Most of the features are similar to that of the Nokia E71 except for the ff:

■Plastic construction instead of metallic
■No front-facing camera
■Missing side buttons (volume and voice command controls)
■No FM tuner
The dropped features is meant to shave off a chunk of the price from that of Nokia E71. So if the E71 goes for around Php21 - Php23k, the rumored Nokia E63 might end up with a price point around Php15k or less

Air Jordan 2009

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If you are one of the exclusive members of Air Jordan Flight Club or have access to three select locations of the House of Hoops, then do not waste a beat and check out the limited Air Jordan 2009 S23 – Black/Metallic Gold colorway dropping tomorrow.
The black/metallic gold colorway is the first colorway to release from the vaunted Air Jordan 2009 S23 series.Following the Air Jordan XX3, the Air Jordan 2009 S23 features a cedar foot form that traps moisture, keeping the sneakers fresh and pleasant for your feet. The outside sports a nice black/metallic gold finish making the sneaker an all-together snazzy design.The Air Jordan 2009 S23will stay limited to an exact 2,009 pairs worldwide. You can find 1,005 of those in the United States and 1,004 in the rest of the world. Sort of a unique limited edition promo if you ask me.Want to join Air Jordan Flight Club and gain access to these sneakers?

Grab $230 Hoops Vibe

'Thank you, we love you, goodbye'

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MANILA, Philippines - Loved ones, friends and strangers showered messages of grief, gratitude and farewell on the late president and people power icon Corazon Aquino last night on the eve of her burial today.

One of the most touching eulogies was delivered by a security aide of 20 years – Inspector Melchor Mamaril – who said he felt he had lost a mother . After his eulogy, he walked closer to Mrs. Aquino’s casket and saluted.

“She shall always remain engraved in our hearts. Thank you, We love you. Goodbye,” Mamaril said.

Mrs. Aquino’s younger daughter Kris could be seen weeping hard as Mamaril was reading his eulogy in English and a few lines in Filipino.

Mamaril was one of the two security escorts of the Aquino family pulled out by the government. The Arroyo administration claimed no knowledge of the order to pull them out and has since apologized.

“I stand now with a deep sense of pride and gratitude as I bid goodbye to her whom I owe so much. My wife Judy and my four children, join me in paying our last respect to one who has become big part of our lives and one who considered us as part of her family,” Mamaril said.

Mamaril said Mrs. Aquino never made him feel like a mere employee but treated him like a son, a family member.

He related that one of her unforgettable memories of Mrs. Aquino’s kindness was in 1998 when she personally prepared noodles for her security aides after coming home one day with them and finding no food in the house.

“That’s how Ma’am Cory was. She takes care of people around her no matter how big or small, She treated us not as mere employees but like a mother tending to a son after a hard day’s work,” Mamaril said.

He said the goodness that Mrs. Aquino showed him made a strong impact on his life and made him a confident person.

“I feel a sense of wonder and at the same time, I realized that her treatment raised my dignity as a person. She gave me self-respect, self worth and self confidence,” Mamaril said.

“And even when she lay dying in bed, she was always very concerned about us. She would always ask if we had eaten already,” Mamaril said.

“One could always see her compassionate heart for all those in need,” Mamaril said.

He also said that Mrs. Aquino also drew him closer to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“I can always remember those times when we have to go to churches. In those times he brought me to prayer and closer to God. I am praying the rosary now,” Mamaril said.

“She exhibited a deep sense of prayer, devotion that I believe was the foundation of her being a person of dignity and uprightness,” he said.

Mamaril also thanked Mrs. Aquino’s children and family

“We are all with you in prayer, may God continue to bless us all,” Mamaril said.

Tribute after tribute

Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr., said Mrs. Aquino and his wife the late Betty Go-Belmonte shared not only suffering caused by cancer but great faith in God.

Belmonte was one of the 19 people – including Mamaril – who spoke in the necrological services for the late president at the Manila Cathedral late yesterday afternoon.

“I am humbled and touched and influenced by two women of extraordinary faith late wife, Betty G-Belmonte and President Aquino. They were good friends. They met the first time during Ninoy’s (former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino) death,” he said.

At the time that Mrs. Belmonte was sick she was concerned that her condition might cause her children to lose their faith in God, but they kept the faith. “Seeing now President Cory’s children, they have kept the faith.”

The Mayor recalled that when Mrs. Aquino assumed power in 1986, she appointed him chief of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Manila Hotel. He was also member of the board of directors of San Miguel Corp..

He recalled that during these times, never did then President Aquino ask for any favors detrimental to the government and the people.

“She never asked for same favors for herself or her family, I realized that she was an exceptional leader, she made a difference between the people’s money and her own,” he said.

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, who had served as head of the Manila Police District (MPD) during the Aquino administration and helped her crush several coup attempts called Mrs. Aquino “the best president” the country has ever had. He also gave Mrs. Aquino a final salute.

“We owe you so much. You are the source of our pillar of strength. What I did and what I have now, I owe to you. I salute you for the last time,” Lim added.

Gina de Venecia, the wife of former House Speaker Jose de Venecia, broke down as she recalled that Mrs. Aquino stood by her when her “so-called friends” abandoned her during the times she needed them most.

It was the late leader who encouraged her to take up painting, to help her to cope with the tragedies that came her way such as the tragic death of her daughter KC in a fire in their Makati home in 2004.

“I thank God for giving Cory, my friend. She believed in me when in times I do not believe in myself. Thank you for the gift of friendship. I will tell my grandchildren about their Lola Cory who taught me to live again,” Mrs. De Venecia said.

Before ending her speech, she added, “Now that you are in heaven please hug KC and tell her that I love her dearly and that we will meet again.”

Businessman Ramon del Rosario said that she revitalized the business section in the country and made many Filipinos proud because of her honesty, integrity, transparency and integrity.

Dr. Alex Ayco, Mrs. Aquino’s doctor for the last 30 years, said that when he got her test results some 18 months ago, he did not know how to relay the bad news that she was sick. He recalled that she was always kind to Filipino doctors and believed in their capabilities.

Fashion designer Paul Cabral said that up to now, he has kept the notes sent by Mrs. Aquino to him even if they were just reminders of some of the styles that she wanted. “These are cherished possessions of the most wonderful and selfless person.”

Sister-in-law Maria Aurora Lichauco called her as her BFF or BestFriends Forever. “I look forward to see you again but I hope not to soon.” Her comment elicited laughter from the crowd.

As for former Congressman Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr., he said that Mrs. Aquinio's example taught him to control his temper.


Mrs. Aquino’s only son Sen. Benigno Aquino III thanked the Filipinos for the love they had shown to his mother.

“I truly really believe without an iota of doubt that anyone will contradict me that you truly have fought the good fight you really have finished your course and undoubtedly you have kept the faith,” Noynoy said.

“Here is the Cory Aquino who knows how love each and every one of us. There is the Cory Aquino who is ready to do what is right never mind the consequences. There is the Cory Aquino who has the absolute faith in the Church and God. One who would wholeheartedly do the best she could and let God take care of the rest,” he said.

“Are we going to back to the anxiety? When my father died, we lost a leader, he was a strategist, he was our moral booster, but suddenly we lost the center of our world. I did not expect it would have a part two. Maybe I just do not want to face the truth,” the senator said.

“Do we really have to be sad because we have lost hope?” Noynoy asked. “Does the nation still have hope especially now that the one who led and inspired them is no longer around to help us everyday?”

He said looking at elementary school students who told him they were thankful for his mother touched his heart.

“Maybe we just have to bring these children closer to those who are playing blind and even deaf (to the realities),” he said.

He said the life of his mother should remind everyone that the Filipinos still got hope.

“Let it not be forgot that once there was a Camelot,” Aquino III said.

The senator recalled that his mother never turned her back when she needed to lead the Edsa revolution and even up to 2006 when there was a standoff at Fort Bonifacio to avoid bloodshed

G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra

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Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, whose previous collaboration was the worldwide blockbuster “Transformers,” join forces with Spyglass Entertainment for another extraordinary action-adventure, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos. “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” is directed by Stephen Sommers (“The Mummy,” “The Mummy Returns”)

Genre: Action
Director: Stephen Sommers
Cast: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christopher Eccleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Byung Hun Lee, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Ray Park, Jonathan Pryce, Saïd Taghmaoui, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans and Dennis Quaid
Distributor: Solar UIP In Cinemas: August 7, 2009

Disney-Pixars UP

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A young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a Lost Land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her. Then, when he inadvertently hits a construction worker, he is forced to go to a retirement home. But before they can take him, he and his house fly away. However he has a stowaway aboard. An 8 year old boy named Russell, whose trying to get an assisting the elderly badge. Together, they embark in an adventure, where they encounter talking dogs, an evil villain and a rare bird named Kevin. Disney UP

Tips to Gain Weight Fast

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It can be very frustrating to feel like no matter what you eat and how much of it you eat, you still can't seem to gain weight with a fast metabolism. While most people say they would love to be in your shoes, the reality is that it is equally annoying to feel like you would look better with a few extra pounds of toned muscle, as it is for an overweight person to say they would like to lose a few pounds.

The secret of how to gain weight with a fast metabolism is actually very simple:

Eat more calories than you burn.

Easier said than done, right? I mean, how many more calories should you be consuming? Also, can you really eat any more than you already are?

Here I'll show you what you can do to put on weight quickly.

Eat More Calories

Eating more calories is the single biggest thing you can do to put on weight with a high metabolism. An average caloric intake is around 2,000 a day for women and 2,500 for men. However, to gain weight with a fast metabolism you're probably going to need to be consuming around 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day.

Note that these are quality calories through a balanced healthy diet and not 3,500 calories of Doritos and Double Whoppers with Cheese - that will just make you ill and won't help you to build muscle.

Focus on high protein intake for muscle growth and carbohydrates for your energy levels.

Eat More Often

Now, fitting the extra 1,000 calories into your daily diet may seem difficult if you're sticking with the usual 3 meals a day. So you're going to need to eat 6 smaller meals per day in order to gain weight with a high metabolic rate.

3 meals per day is a major reason why many hardgainers fail to gain weight - in other words they simply don't keep up with their metabolism. 6 meals per day ensures that your body is constantly burning calories from food that has been consumed and not finding it in your body fat and muscle tissue.

Think about it, with 3 meals a day, if you skip one, suddenly you're only consuming 2 meals with a huge gap in between, and forcing yourself to binge. This is no good to gain weight with a fast metabolism. 6 meals per day helps you to avoid this problem.

Note: when I say "meals", it could be a snack such as a sandwich, banana, other fruits, or a protein shake etc. It doesn't have to be a full blown dinner.

Weight Train To Gain Muscle Mass

Weight training is a great method of how to gain weight with a fast metabolism and will ensure that the extra calories that you are consuming are used to build strong muscle and not just stored as fat.

Sticking to a hardgainer routine of the "big basic" exercises for 45 minutes-1 hour 3 times per week is the best way to gain weight and muscle mass.

A sample routine for a hardgainer to gain weight with a fast metabolism is the following:

Squats 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps
Bench Press 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps
Bent Over Rows 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps
Bicep Curls 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps
Lying Tricep Extensions 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps
Calf Raise 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps

Finding the right hardgainer workout is imperative if you want to build muscle and gain weight with a fast metabolism. See how "Skinny Vinny" overcame his horrible genes and packed on over 41 pounds of rock hard muscle in 6 months.

Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao Nike Aparrel

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The new Manny Pacquiao apparel look really remarkable! The Nike Trainer 1 shoes above will be sold in limited stock with only 49 pairs at P5,209.00. If you’re around town for the long weekend, Nike will be selling these limited edition shoes and tops in their flagship store at Bonifacio High Street on May 2 and 3 starting 12 noon. Party at mag:net after.

The Human Dog

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human dog hybrid - This image of a strange half human and half dog or human dog hybrid has been forwarded around the internet via e-mail and since I’m fond of watching animes… the first thing it crossed my mind is a chimera. In the anime Full Metal Alchemist, chimera is a half human and half animal, while in Greek mythology, the chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing creature, composed of the parts of multiple animals.

human dog hybrid image above are not the real thing. It’s a sculpture by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini entitled “The Young Family,” which, in turn, is part of a larger installation called “We Are Family,” described by Jane Silversmith of the Australian Council for the Arts as an exploration of “the changing relationship between what is considered natural and what is considered artificial.”

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oz World Philippines

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3d chatting game oz world Philippines is a nice game for chatting, you have visuals on your avatar and you can dress it up or what we call 'japorms'in Philippines. One of the game that i have been playing back in the old days but sadly the local site who host the game level up is not hosting the game anymore. I did take some time installing the game again and i was shock with the number of online people playing, only 5 people are in a day most of them are afk(away from keyboard).
Before the game is a hit! there are contest, EB's and wedding you can even find a girlfriend and friends for real if you decided to meet up. I even became a officer of a clan named M.I.S. midnight insomnia society it is a popular clan before because almost all of the members are afraid to log out because they might miss an even or maybe the girl of their dreams lolz!So i have decided to find a new site that host the game cause i know there is still many pinoy's who wants to go back to the game and of course internet ill never run out of options until i found this site an international oz world site with lots of pinoy's also playing hope you visit the site and log in soon ^^

Pedala Bike Messengers

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I stumbled across this post recently and I think it helps prove its title – that Manila isn’t as ugly as we probably think it is. Thanks to the emergence of bike messengers (see the poster on the right), is now a little bit greener. Yes, the air is still filled with smoke, but at least one business isn’t adding to the pollution.

How does it compare to another courier service in town? Let’s break it down:

Based on the price listed at the bottom, Pedala is more cost-efficient – at least for deliveries within the metropolis. How about out-of-town deliveries? Come on – you don’t really expect somebody to deliver a package out of town on only pedal power, do you?

How about speed? There’s no way a bike beats motorized vehicles, right? you can check them at this site, you get the same deliver. I don’t think any other courier service around these parts boasts of that speed.

Right now I wish I had a package that needs to be delivered, but I don’t. I’m sure I will soon – maybe I can try these guys out. How about you, need anything delivered?

Budol-Budol Gang

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I would like to share my experience about two fratmen who will bump in you in the streets of metro manila, asking if you would like to participate in a school survey because they need points for thier project.He is a very good speaker, a key to to fall for his bait. At the end of your conversations he will ask you to sign a paper not too far from where you are at that time, his "brod" or one of the fratmen will accompany you but you would have to leave your valuable belongings to one of the person also being interviewed, for safety purposes. He will also be asking you to list the items that u entrusted to the another interviewed person and a signature before you go, Then when you are already in the place where his "brod" brought you his "brod" will ask you to wait for a while and soon a girl also known as thier "sis" will go to you and bring you the paper to be signed. Thats it! the girl will not show up and of course you will go back to the place where you are being interviewed but you will see no trace of the fratmen's anymore. It may look easy to bust thier intentions in my story, but I assure you this guy is a good speaker that will really get your attention and trust. Hope my post will give some kind of help, who knows maybe one day you'll bump in with this guy too!

Lesson: Dont Talk To Strangers!

Smart Bro Speed Boost Up

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There are times that I feel that 386kbps is a little slow for my Smart Bro connection. After 2 weeks of no internet connection at home, finally, Smart Bro is back and is now 512kbps! That’s 126kbps faster than the default 386kbps for your Php999.00 monthly plan.

See that? It may be 509kbps only on the result but it’s only 3kbps short from reaching 512kbps!
How did my Smart BRO connection reached 512kbps?

Definitely the placement of the antenna being accessible through different Smart Cell Sites. (luckily mine is near 8 cell sites within the range of 0.4km to 2.6km far from my home. But that’s only one factor. It lies beneath the configuration of the canopy. The team yesterday that fixed my connection were so good that they set my connection from the default 386kbps up to 512kbps. (I knew that giving them coffee and sandwiches will make them nicer. LOL) Well of course, how is that possible and you did come here to see how they did it right? Good thing they did not delete the history of my browser and that made me able to access the canopy

How to access the Canopy?

1. Through typing on your browser. What I’m not sure though is if it’s the same for all the Smart BRO connections in the whole Philippines.

2. Go to the Configuration > Quality of Service (QoS) page.

3. Adjust the numbers to what you see on the image above.

4. Reboot / Restart your PC.

That hopefully boosted your Smart BRO internet connection.

Now, what’s the catch?

Of course, there should be at least something about it. The problem is, you should not touch anything else or you might ruin the configuration of your Smart BRO internet connection. So if you want to be sure, don’t touch your Canopy configuration at all. Leave it to the experts. Kids! Do not try this at home! But if you really want to boost your internet connection try this. Just don’t touch anything else.

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Acer Aspire Predator Gaming PC

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The Aspire® G7710 Predator is designed to meet the extreme demands of required by competitive gaming enthusiasts. The Aspire® G7710 Predator has been developed to achieve a balance of aggressive aesthetics and extreme performance as well as a strong upgrade path. The latest generation of processors complimented by up to 3 x 2GB of DDR3 memory and up to 1 Terabyte of hard drive storage that caters for even the most hardcore of gamers. Not only are the insides impressive, the Aspire® G7710 Predator comes with a sculpted design and a cutting-edge cooling system to keep the Predator running at its optimal level no matter how high you turn the graphics level on.

Superior performance
The Aspire G7710 offers a broad range of digital possibilities. Boasting the latest generation of processors, providing up to 12GB DDR3 1066/1333 of system memory and a choice of either 3-way capable NVIDIA® SLI® or 2-way capable ATI CrossFireX™ graphics for an awe-inspiring gaming experience. Customizable processor and graphics overclocking via the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (IXTU) unleashes above-normal performance, pushing your gaming machine run to the upper limits.


The Predator's internals are a mess, with cables everywhere and a very cheap OEM look, complete with banal steel frame and green motherboard. There's no sign of innovation here, and aside from the hot-swap drive bay the interior of the case looks like something you could pull off the shelf for around AU$50. It's light years behind the likes of Dell, Alienware and Voodoo, and small touches like not being able to remove the RAM without taking out the graphics card first will haunt tweakers and upgraders.

The front door may not be flimsy, but the fact that it opens to the top of the case means you lose a potentially useful flat surface to place things on. There's also four USB ports, a headphone and a microphone jack situated on top of the case, and moving the door will wreak havoc with cords as a result. The door can be removed altogether, although this ruins the aesthetic.

One thing that is flimsy is the door to the hot-swap hard drives, and we fear for its longevity. Similarly, the drive caddies are built cheaply, making you wonder where the base price of AU$4,500 has gone.

A large amount of heat is output from the back, courtesy of the dual 9800GTXs and the water cooling unit expelling the heat from the CPU directly out. While this won't be a problem for most (and the heat is better out than in), it's worth noting in case you push your case against a wall. The water cooling is for the CPU only, with Acer choosing to use the standard heatsinks for the 9800GTXs, while the 780i-based motherboard also does Acer no favours in the heat department.

The 24-inch monitor with the "world's first 50,000:1 ACM contrast" looks nice enough, but once you turn off the pure marketing tool that is dynamic contrast ratio, it returns to a usual 1,000:1 base contrast. While the bright orange of the case is kind of cool, the monitor is also cased in the stuff, and distracts heavily from what's important — that is, what's happening on the screen itself.

Volcano Ride Kings Dominion

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Volcano Roller Coaster at Kings Dominion Soar to new heights on Dominator. This innovative 4,210-foot steel coaster will be the longest floorless coaster in the world. Fly through gut-wrenching loops, rolls and corkscrews at speeds up to 65 mph!

Washingtonian Magazine ranks it the best rollercoaster in the country. And it’s no wonder. Volcano: The Blast Coaster has been thrilling guests at Kings Dominion for nine years. Created by renowned thrill ride designers at Intamin AG in Switzerland, Volcano debuted in 1998 as the world’s “first inverted linear induction motor-launched (LIM) rollercoaster”—featuring the world’s tallest inversion. With over 2,700 feet of track, it is also Kings Dominion’s longest coaster, and for many thrill-seekers, its most exciting, with three zero-gravity, heart-pounding, barrel-roll inversions.

Feel the tension build as you slowly creep away from the station and float through a 90-degree bend to the left and over a pool of water. Then, erupt! Fly into the heart of darkness in the rumbling, smoke-spewing Volcano at speeds of over 70 mph. Blast into daylight again, curve around the back of the mountain, and then soar back into the mountain’s pitch-black core. Then, rocket 155 feet straight up and out of the top of the crater through a sidewinder inversion. Next, curve to the front of the mountain for another barrel-role, and top it off with an exhilarating grand finale—an 80-foot plummet into the base of the volcano before pulling back to the station. Head spinning. Heart pounding. Heat rising.

One trip on Volcano: The Blast Coaster, and you’ll know why so many call it the quintessential thrill-seeking experience. Feel the rumble. Let the lava flow. It’s smokin’!

Wowowee Scandal: Willie Revillame

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The new scandal of Wowowee host Willie Revillame are his remarks over the live coverage insert of Cory Aquino's funeral rites during his show.

Even as he seemed to talk politely to the traffic controllers of ABS-CBN, one could still see that Willie Revillame was seething over the fact that video inserts of the Cory Aquino funeral was being shown on his show.

He said that he felt uneasy going on with the show's fun and games while President Aquino's funeral procession was being show on the screen together with his show. If that were the case, Willie Revillame could have just requested OFF AIR that the video insert showing Aquino's funeral be removed. Instead he threw a tantrum, without the usual expletives he mutters off air, and rather petulantly demanded that the video inserts be taken out.

Now, ABS-CBN insiders have been pointing out that Willie Revillame's tantrum was an over reaction with political dimensions.

Recently, Willie Revillame had Senator Manny Villar as a guest on his show and in that episode the Presidential candidate gave away six houses and lots. This was apparently a part of a deal to recruit Willie Revillame as Villar's endorser in the coming 2010 elections. It isn't clear yet if Revillame had said yes, but viewing his reaction to the Cory Aquino coverage seems to hint at who he is supporting for 2010.

Cory Aquino's son Senator Noynoy Aquino is said to be running for Vice President in 2010 with Senator Mar Roxas as President -- who some say is Senator Manny Villar's rival for the Presidential post.

In this context, Willie Revillame's outburst on his show over Cory Aquino's funeral may be his way of edging out air time for Villar's rival in the Presidential race -- Roxas and Noynoy.

In anycase the incident on noon time Philippine TV has sparked global outrage according to Alan Faa, a commenter on Pinoy Buzz.

A petition to oust Wowowee's Willie Revillame is spreading like wildfire on the internet. As of this writing, the number of the people who have signed the petition has surpassed 1,400.

(As of 1041PM August 6, 2009, total signatures have reached 5,895.)

If you believe that ABS-CBN should take action and chastise Willie Revillame for his crude, crass, and embarassing behaviour on air... Sign the Oust Willie petition!

Online Government Services

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Online government services are rampant nowadays, for you not to spend almost all day for you application just to get that card or benefits? I found a great alternative by doing it online with your pajamas! We know Internet will never run out of options and life now is fast pace, you will never have to fall in line for your application or wait for your number to be called or sometimes needing to go back because you forgot some requirements needed, here are some of good site to file an application online. citizen services Hope it helps!

Bob Marley Legacy

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Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love -- inspired by his belief in Rastafari -- was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe.

Bob's story is that of an archetype, which is why it continues to have such a powerful and ever-growing resonance: it embodies political repression, metaphysical and artistic insights, gangland warfare and various periods of mystical wilderness. And his audience continues to widen: to westerners Bob's apocalyptic truths prove inspirational and life-changing; in the Third World his impact goes much further. Not just among Jamaicans, but also the Hopi Indians of New Mexico and the Maoris of New Zealand, in Indonesia and India, and especially in those parts of West Africa from wihch slaves were plucked and taken to the New World, Bob is seen as a redeemer figure returning to lead this

In the clear Jamaican sunlight you can pick out the component parts of which the myth of Bob Marley is comprised: the sadness, the love, the understanding, the Godgiven talent. Those are facts. And although it is sometimes said that there are no facts in Jamaica, there is one more thing of which we can be certain: Bob Marley never wrote a bad song. He left behind the most remarkable body of recorded work. "The reservoir of music he has left behind is like an encyclopedia," says Judy Mowatt of the I-Threes. "When you need to refer to a certain situation or crisis, there will always be a Bob Marley song that will relate to it. Bob was a musical prophet."

The tiny Third World country of Jamaica has produced an artist who has transcended all categories, classes, and creeds through a combination of innate modesty and profound wisdom. Bob Marley, the Natural Mystic, may yet prove to be the most significant musical artist of the twentieth century. full story

Blood for Shabu

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Shabu trade for money and even organs are rampant nowadays, goods are not normally delivered. Except for one: shabu.

You need not have a phone to order. You can stand on one side of the estero and just clap your hands twice, like the way comedy shows parody the rich demanding service. In a few moments, a scrawny delivery man will appear on the other side, get on an improvised raft of discarded styrofoam packaging tied together, and row to your side with the merchandise in his pocket.

No matter how bad the economy gets, it will always be boom times for shabu, in even the poorest neighborhoods like this one. Sold in tiny amounts easy to conceal and craved by countless addicts, trade in this drug - metamphetamine hydrochloride - has flourished since the 1980s, despite numerous crackdowns and government pronouncements that shabu is one of the biggest threats to society.

The sensational allegations last year by government intelligence chief Victor Corpus even portrayed a state virtually held captive by "narcopolitics," with its alleged chief mastermind, Senator Panfilo Lacson, a likely candidate for president in the coming decade. No matter the truth of these allegations, shabu does seem to have some powerful patrons; otherwise, it won't be so commonplace.

Long before mass marketing made shabu available on the street, shabu addiction had been rife among showbiz celebrities and the upper class. In some rural towns in war-torn Mindanao, shabu is the only profitable business, with rivals shooting it out for control of the trade.

In most of these places, there is at least the general recognition that shabu addiction is a scourge from which its victims need saving. Yet here in this part of Tondo, the drug seems to have been embedded as part of normal society.

The addicts here are matter-of-fact, not proud, of what they call their bisyo (vice). They are proud, though, that unlike other addicts, they do not steal to satisfy their cravings. Instead, they sell their blood to commercial blood banks, making P220 for every 500-cubic-centimeter bag.

Shared with friends, that buys enough shabu for a daylong high. The crystal-like drug comes in foil packets called piso, which are really worth P100 each; a piso packet contains two rice-grain-sized pebbles of shabu.

"It's better to inconvenience ourselves than to take from others," says Dodong, not the real name of a Tondo addict, speaking in the rapid-fire Tagalog of Manila's inner city.

Rare are the honest means for the unemployed to get quick cash. So every morning, men in shorts, sandos and slippers line up outside the nearly two dozen commercial blood banks concentrated in downtown Manila. When asked, most would insist they need the money to buy food. But Dodong and his friends say they recognize more than a few as fellow addicts.

The law requires commercial blood banks to test blood donors for a range of diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, and malaria. Those with recent tattoos are prohibited from donating or selling their blood. But there are no drug tests at these blood banks. And while little is known about the effects of receiving transfusions with blood containing shabu, doctors are sure the effects cannot be positive.

Donors are not supposed to give blood more than once every three months for the sake of their own health, but the Tondo addicts admit to selling their blood as often as once a month. Technically, of course, they aren't donors, who are motivated by a desire to help society. They are vendors of their own body fluids, driven by an irresistably powerful vice. Selling their blood is a convenient source of instant money, and it also poses little obvious risk to them. Since it is not illegal, trading in your own blood cannot land you in jail, even if you are found to have a deadly virus in your blood.

A 1994 law ordered the phase-out of commercial blood banks. But a Temporary Restraining Order by the Supreme Court and a lack of voluntary blood donors have prevented the government from abolishing the commercial blood industry, despite official declarations that it is a danger to the public. Even public health officials admit there would be a drastic shortage of blood nationwide without commercial supplies.

A desperate need for this life-saving fluid and a craving for a shabu high can conspire to give a perfectly innocent member of society - a baby or grandmother perhaps - tainted blood. But this may be lost to the likes of Dodong, who lives in a community where shabu addiction no longer seems to be something to be ashamed of.

In fact, in a group interview for television with four admitted shabu users (among them Dodong), many in the neighborhood, including a mob of giddy children, gathered to watch, as if it were a movie shoot. But what was most striking was how the addicts, all in their twenties but looking much older, acted. Instead of feeling shame at being exposed as addicts, they seemed to revel in the attention. They did ask that their faces not be shown on television, but they exhibited little discomfort talking about their addiction in the presence of neighbors. Perhaps, however, they were thinking that in their dead-end lives (they are stevedores whenever they have a chance to work) an interview about their addiction was the only recognition they might ever get.

Dodong the Tondo addict/blood vendor is proud of another fact: he has the relatively rare AB blood type, which can command a higher price in cases of emergency. This occurs when a fixer approaches him while he is lined up in front of a blood bank. A family badly needs AB blood, and Dodong is taken to a hospital and introduced to the laboratory staff as a family member.

Through the nation's woefully inadequate blood supply, the booming blood for shabu trade has found yet another horrific way to enter society's mainstream.

Final Fantasy

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Cloud Strife
Age:23 Blood Type:AB Birthday:8/11

A mercenary once hired by anti-Shinra group "Avalanche." Cloud
became entangled with much greater battle for the life of the planet
itself. He fought for the world, and at the end of a bitter struggle
saved the planet. Final Fantasy Advent Children
While various versions of his past intertwined in his memories, Cloud
managed to regain and understanding of who truly he is during his
journey in FFVII. Despite this, he now forsakes human contact and
prefers living alone.

Vincent Valentine
Age:27 Blood Type:A Birthday: 10/13

A gunman and former Turk. In the past his body was augmented by
Shinra and he gained power to transform into an ageless monster,
a burden he must carry in life. Since that time, Vincent has
wandered the world alone, gathering information, and seems to know
a little about the events they all face.

Yuffie Kisaragi
Age:18 Blood Type:A Birthday:11/20

A ninja girl born and raised in Wutai who wields a four-point shuriken.
Yuffie is obsessed with materia and always makes it her top priority.
She still has a bit of problem with motion sickness.

Age:Teens Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

Leader of the three brothers that are after Cloud. Prone to the purest of
madness, calm yet savage, childish yet wise, Kadaj's mindset rocks from one
extreme to the other. He primarily uses a double-edged sword known as
"Souba"(Twin Blade).

Barret Wallace
Age:37 Blood Type:O Birthday:12/15

Leader of the anti-Shinra group "Avalanche"two years ago. Barett fought
with a gun-arm, a mechanical replacement for the right arm he lost in
the past. His adopted daughter Marlene is what keeps him going, but
for now he's entrusted her to Tifa while he searches for a new power
source to replace mako energy.

Tifa Lockheart
Age:22 Blood Type:B birthday:5/3

Cloud's childhood friend, and the only person who truly remembers his
past. A master of martial arts, Tifa was also a key player in Avalanche
operations two years ago. Currently she works at Seventh Heaven while
caring for Marlene and Midgar's orphans.

Cid Highwind
Age:34 Blood Type:B Birthday:2/22

A man who once journeyed with Cloud and the others, and whose greatest
love is the open skies. Cid is renowned airship pilot. With trusty
longspear in hand, he engages the monsters that have beset the city.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

A member of the Turks with a style all his own. In FFVII, Reno stood
against Cloud and the others, but his face no longer shows any sign
of such hostility.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

A legendary swordsman of SOLDIER (Shinra's elite guard) who was once
revered as a hero. However, when Sephiroth learned he owed his existence to
Shinra experimentation, he developed a fierce hatred for the human race.
That the hatred soon became genuine threat to the planet itself. And
though Sephiroth lost that great battle, even now his shadow lingers
in Cloud's path.

Age:N/A Blood Type:N/A Birthday:N/A

Cloud's best friend from his years as a Shinra grunt.Even among Shinra's
valued troops, Zack was of the best: SOLDIER Firs Class. His future
seemed bright...

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